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Business Visa

Business Innovation & Investment Visa Australia

The Australian Business Visa program is designed for businessmen who successfully carryout businesses in Australia or overseas. You will be eligible to apply for a business visa if you meet the business asset and turnover requirements. 

A business visa allows you to expand your business operations to Australia and does not require you to be living in Australia for the entire visa period. You can be travelling back and forth from your home country and managing all your businesses. 

A business visa provides you with the ability to obtain permanent residence in Australia.

At MJ Legal our team has a history of successfully handling business visa applications. Our services cover handling your visa applications to helping you settle in Australia and start your new business.   

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We help you expand and establish your business in Australia

Move your business to Australia and expand your global footprint. The country has a strong economy focused on business and investment opportunities. 

Making your business visa application with us

Business visas are extremely complicated! Having the right team advising you will simplify the process and help make your journey to Australia a smooth one. 

Step 01

Eligibility assessment 

A business visa requires you to meet both the federal governments eligibility requirements as well as a relevant state government's eligibility. 

Our team will guide you on all the documents required to meet the business visa requirements. Further, we will check the documents and provide you with an eligibility assessment report.  

Step 02 

Our services extend to advising you on the types of businesses that you can start in Australia, we explain the requirements that each state has in order to offer business visa nominations. 

Further, our team will provide advisory surrounding the investment requirements if you are seeking an investor visa, under the business visa category. 

Step 03

Making your visa application 

Subsequent to assisting you with your eligibility and helping you determine the optimal business activity to undertake in Australia, our team will advise you and make on your behalf an application for nomination to an Australian state. 

Upon receipt of an invitation from a state, our team will guide you towards preparing and submitting your visa application for a subclass 188 visa. 

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Types of business visas available

Business visas are divided into two stages. 

First you will get a temporary business visa called Subclass 188, from which you can transition to a Subclass 888. 

Business Visa Requirements

While the requirements may differ according to the business visa stream you are applying for, you should essentially meet the following requirements:

  • Express your interest to apply for a business visa 
  • Be able to meet the specific requirements set by the state
  • Be nominated by an Australian state or territory  
  • Have at least 65 points in the Australian Points Test Calculation 
  • Meet the business turnover requirements specified under the relevant stream 
  • Meet the asset requirements mentioned under the relevant stream 
  • Be able to demonstrate that your business would be of economic benefit to Australia 
  • Make significant investments as specified under the relevant stream 

Benefits of Business visas

Business migration is one of the most stable and secure migration pathways to Australia which opens you up to a series of benefits. 

  • Expand your business to Australia
  • Retain your existing business in your home country 
  • Seek business profits from abroad
  • Manage and operate your business in Australia and abroad 
  • Receive business support from the state governments 
  • Be eligible for permanent residency in Australia 
  • Include your family members in your application 
  • Your dependants can work and study in Australia 
  • Enrol your children to public schools in some states 
  • Enrol in Medicare 
  • Be eligible for Australian citizenship 


  • All applicants who are applying for a business visa must have functional English if you are 18 years or older. 
  • However, you may also pay second instalment of the visa application charge, instead of completing an English Language test.  

  • You will be eligible for this visa if you hold a SC 188 Business Innovation Stream Visa for at least 03 years. 
  • You can apply for the extension stream to continue your business in Australia until you meet the requirements for a permanent business visa 

In order to apply for this visa you must; 

  • Own at least 01 or 02 businesses which recorded a turnover of at least AUD 750,000 in 2 out of the last 4 fiscal years. 
  • Own personal and business assets of at least AUD1.25 million
  • Be nominated by an Australian state 
  • Have at least 65 points in the Australian Points Test Calculator