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Employer Sponsored Work Visa

Employer Sponsored Work Visa

Are you an employer looking for skilled labor?

Perhaps you are an employee working for an Australian employer and seeking permanent residency?

An employer sponsored work visa might be the ideal pathway for you to live and work in Australia.

Eligible employers can sponsor skilled labor to live and work at their organization in Australia. There are many benefits to using skilled migrant labor, especially if you cannot find suitably talented employees from the local work force.

At MJ Legal our lawyers have developed a deep expertise advising and assisting employers and employees obtain work visas. 

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Making your employer sponsored work visas with us

We assist both employees and employers understand the visa process and make the necessary applications for this visa. 

For Employers

Looking to hire skilled labour, but don't know where to start?

Employer sponsored work visas allow you to attract and retain highly skilled migrant labour to meet your workforce needs.

As an eligible employer you will be able to sponsor employees to work at your organisation for up to 04 years and in some instances you will be able to sponsor them for permanent residency.

At MJ Legal our advisory services extend to consultations on sponsorship obligations, requirements that employees must meet to be sponsored and preparing the necessary applications on your behalf.

For Employees

Your employer has agreed to sponsor you, now what?
An employer sponsored work visa may provide you with a pathway to permanent residency, it is important for you to understand the various pathways on offer and structure your visa application in a manner that will lead to a permanent residency outcome in the future.

At MJ Legal our experts will help you undertake an eligibility assessment and prepare to meet all the requirements for an employer sponsored work visa.

We will also guide you on the requirements to get permanent residency in the future.

A proven success rate with a dedicated team to help you

Consult us to explore which visa option may suit your unique situation. 

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Employer Sponsored Visa requirements 

The common requirements for employees seeking Employer Sponsored Visas:

  • Be sponsored by an eligible employer in Australia
  • For many Employer sponsored work visas, the employer will have to make a sponsorship application
  • Have the skills required to carry out your occupation/activity in Australia
  • Meet the English language requirements where necessary
  • Undertake a Labor Market Test for the specific visa types
  • Demonstrate that there is no equivalent Australian worker who is skilled and competent to undertake your occupation or activity in Australia.
  • Have an occupation on the skilled occupation list.

Benefits of Employer Sponsored Visas

An employer sponsored visa doesn't require you to be invited before making a visa application. Provided that you have a sponsoring employer, you may directly make an application for these visas. 

  • Being granted permanent residency if you apply for SC 186 visa
  • You will be able to live and work in Australia for the duration of the visa
  • You will be paid in accordance with the Australian Fair Work Commission rules and regulations
  • Include family members on your visa
  • Travel to and from Australia during the period of your visa
  • SC 482 visa may lead to PR depending on your occupation
  • Subsequent to being granted a SC 186 visa, you may apply for Australian citizenship once eligible


  • A Labour Market Test (LMT) is essential for some types of employer sponsored visas, unless you are exempt. 
  • Its a process where you test the local labour market to find an employee who is able to fill the relevant employment position. 
  • When conducting a LMT for visa purposes, you should adhere to all Immigration Department guidelines. 

  • The direct entry stream is a stream under the Employer Nominated Scheme Visa (SC 186)
  • You can make an application under this stream and seek Permanent Residency if you have 03 years of work experience in your nominated occupation 
  • You should be nominated by an Australian employer

  • You can include your family members as accompanying members in all types of employer sponsored visas when you are applying for the visa.
  • They will be bound by the same visa conditions imposed on your visa.