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Australian Student Visa

Australian Student Visa (SC 500)

Australia has always been one of the most popular study destinations for international students across the globe. Studying in Australia opens you up to a wide range of opportunities, allowing you to learn in world renowned universities in any field of study you prefer.

Every student visa holder is eligible to work at least 20 hours per week and are eligible for post study work options upon the completion of their courses. 

Possessing years of experience in dealing with international students from around the world, we assist you to realize your career dreams through well recognized Australian qualifications. 

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We guide you to select courses that lead to skills in high demand

With our expertise, we have assisted students worldwide achieve their dreams of studying in Australia. 

Making your student visa application with us

If you are making a student visa application with us, we will take you through the following steps. 

Step 01

Discuss your matter with our expert 

In our initial consultation, we will understand your circumstances and recommend the best way forward

Step 02

Making your application to the university

We liaise with your preferred university and make the necessary applications to enroll you in the course

Step 03

Obtaining a Certificate of Enrolment (CoE) 

After you make your application, the university will issue you with a certificate of enrolment confirming that you are enrolled to the course

Step 04

Making your student visa application 

Once we have received your CoE, we will make your student visa application for you

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Student Visa requirements 

A student visa is granted for a maximum period of 05 years and the duration of your visa depends on the duration of your course.

All student visa holders can work for 20 hours per week while studying in Australia and include their family members as dependents on their visa. 

You should meet the following requirements in order to apply for a student visa; 

  • Be enrolled in a course of study in Australia. You must have obtained a certificate of enrolment from your university. 
  • Obtain health insurance in Australia 
  • Meet the English language requirements 
  • Meet the genuine temporary entrant criteria 
  • Have enough finances to fund your stay in Australia 

Student Visa benefits 

A student visa not only opens you up to many opportunities but also brings you several benefits. 

  • Study in world renowned universities, in any field you prefer 
  • Live among the culturally diverse Australian communities 
  • Study amidst an innovative learning environment 
  • Be open to a plethora of career pathways 
  • Work while you study 
  • Include your family in the student visa application 
  • Post Study Work Visa options depending on the courses you have studied
  • Proceed to PR  

How much does it cost to make a Student Visa application?

Your student visa application will basically include the following costs:

  • Initial deposit for course fees 
  • Student Visa application fee 
  • Health Insurance fee 

You should also be able to show to the Department that you have the financial capacity to fund your studies, accommodation and travel costs during your entire stay in Australia. 

In addition to these fees which are payable to your university and the Immigration Department, our service fees will be charged depending on the scope of work we undertake for you. 

Our cost structures are highly transparent. We will advise you of our costs following our initial consultation with you. 

Post Study Work options 

If you have completed your course, you maybe eligible for a Post Study Work Visa, on which you will get full time work rights. A Post Study Work Visa is granted for all students who have undertaken a course of study for at least 92 weeks in Australia. 

From the Post Study Work Visa you can proceed to your pathway for permanent residency through an employer sponsorship or skilled migration. 

Depending on your circumstances we assist you in making the best choice post course completion. Our immigration advice are highly updated and contemporary, we ensure that you are on the correct path to pursue your career.