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Partner Visa

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Australian Partner Visas allow Australian citizens or Permanent Residents to sponsor their spouses or de facto partner to come and live in Australia. You can be married or in a de facto relationship when you apply for a partner visa. 

When applying for partner visas, your partner can be in or outside Australia. Australia also allows prospective marriage visas for Applicants and Sponsors who intend to get married in Australia. The partner visa pathway applicable to you will depend on the nature of your relationship and the location of your spouse. 

At MJ Legal, we possess the expertise to undertake any kind of partner visa application depending on your circumstances. Our processes are transparent and we manage your application till your visa is granted. 

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Post Lodgement follow up 

Partner visas lodgement often follow requests for more information.

We will liaise with you to provide the department with any clarifications they may have on your application. 

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Obtaining PR

A Temporary Partner Visa holder is eligible for Permanent Residency after 2 years from the date of application of their initial partner visa. 

Our team will keep you informed on the requirements to make a permanent visa application when eligible. 

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Types of Partner Visas

Australian partner visas have many options. We have outlined the most common visa subclasses below.

Partner Visa requirements 

The common Partner Visa requirements consider the various aspects of the relationship and the eligibility of the partners.  

  • The sponsor should be an Australian resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • You should provide evidence to show that your relationship is genuine and ongoing 
  • If you are applying for a SC 300 visa, intend to marry your prospective spouse within 9 months after your visa has been granted 
  • Provide evidence of the social aspects of your relationship 
  • Show how you will handle the financial aspects of your relationship 
  • Demonstrate how household matters are managed within your relationship 
  • Demonstrate the history and development of the relationship 

Benefits of a partner visa

Obtaining a partner visa will not only allow you to bring your partner to Australia. 

Partner visas not only allow you to proceed to PR but will also bring you a series of other benefits including opening you up to citizenship in Australia. 

  • You will be eligible for permanent residency 
  • A partner visa allows you to bring your children to Australia 
  • The sponsored partner can live, work , study in Australia 
  • You will be eligible for Medicare 
  • Can apply for Australian citizenship if you meet the requirements 
  • Upon getting permanent residency, the partner can also sponsor eligible relatives to visit Australia


  • In order to sponsor your partner to Australia, on a partner visa you should be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. 

  • A partner visa should provide evidence on the social aspects of the relationship, household arrangement, financial arrangement, nature of the commitment between the parties. 

  • After getting married to your spouse on a prospective marriage visa, you can apply for a SC 820 partner visa and proceed to PR