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Skilled Migration

Skilled migration visa in Australia

Skilled migration is one of the most common pathways to permanent residency in Australia. Skilled migration is open to applicants skilled in an occupation on the skilled occupation list.

Skilled migration is available under the following visa subclasses.

  1. Subclass 189 - Direct entry permanent residency.
  2. Subclass 190- State sponsored permanent residency.
  3. Subclass 491- State sponsored temporary residency leading to permanent residency.

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Skilled Visa Types

Australian skilled migration program contains permanent and temporary visas which provide pathways for permanent residency to applicants within and outside Australia. At present Australia welcomes skilled migration applications under the following visa sub-classes. 

Skilled Migration Requirements 

You should meet the following requirements to apply for skilled migration;  

  • Be under 45 years of age 
  • Be skilled in an occupation in the Australian skilled occupation list 
  • Have a positive skill assessment for that occupation  
  • Have a minimum of 65 points in the points test calculator
  • Meet the English language requirements
  • Receive an invitation to apply for the visa 

While the above is the general department of home affairs criteria for skilled migration visas, every applicant must additionally meet requirements set by specific states in order to receive nominations for the SC 190 and 491 visas. 

Benefits of Skilled Migration 

Australia has increased its skilled migration intake for the financial year 2022/23.

Deciding to obtain permanent residency through skilled migration maybe your best decision to date.

  • If you are granted a SC 189 or SC 190 visa you become a permanent resident in Australia
  • Being granted a SC 491 visa provides you a direct pathway to PR via SC 191 visa
  • Allows you to live and work in Australia
  • Makes you eligible for Medicare
  • Allows you to sponsor eligible relatives to Australia
  • Upon becoming a permanent resident, you will be eligible for Australian citizenship


  • In addition to an Expression of Interest (EOI) some states may also require you to make a Registration of Interest (ROI)
  • A ROI is a process where you register your interest to apply for a skilled visa with the relevant states
  • Among the Australian states and territories only some states require a ROI in addition to an EOI

  • A skill assessment will tell you whether your qualifications and experience are in line with the standards required to carry out your nominated occupation in Australia. 
  • Skill Assessment requirements for each occupation differ and are published by the relevant skill assessing bodies. 
  • It is essential that you have a positive skill assessment in order to apply for skilled migration. 

  • Generally for all skilled visas you are required to provide identity documents, qualifications and work experience documents. 
  • All these documents should be arranged in accordance with the Department guidelines.